Christian Has Helped Thousands of People Stand Out

Christian Hansen is an author, speaker, and a personal brand and influence expert who has helped thousands of people reach their goals by teaching them how to position and sell themselves.

 He is also entertaining, inspiring, dynamic -- and the flexible “easy-to-work-with” speaker clients love to book again and again.

 With his career spanning four continents, and having worked with some of the highest performing names in higher education, finance, and tech, Christian has travelled the world learning the reasons why some people get chosen and why others don’t. Known as the Influence Expert, Christian helps individuals, teams, and organizations learn the secrets of standing out so they can rise above the noise in the most competitive environments in the world.

"People need to buy into you before they buy from you."

Christian strongly believes influence isn’t reserved for a select few who are just “born that way” but rather success and influence come from a set of skills that anyone can learn, develop, and practice over time. What is this rare skill that opens the door for high performers, and helps people stand out again and again? It's called, "The Influence Mindset".

 Which is what he will help your team and organization do.

 Christian will reveal to your organization that success happens when you influence people to choose you… over others. Because people need to buy into you, before they buy from you. He guides his clients and audiences to accomplish this by harnessing simple (research-backed) principles based in neuroscience so they can position and frame their message in a way that captures attention, establishes credibility, and cultivates Influence.

 He will help your team realize that most messaging fails because it is only designed to meet the mind. Instead, Christian will help you stand out from the crowd, rise above the noise, and show you how to… "Make your message match the moment.”

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Book Christian

No Hassle, Stress Free

Christian is fun to work with, professionally reliable, and will make any event planner's job hassle free!

Transformational Results

Christian's strategies are proven by science to help audiences reach the next level of their performance.

Entertaining & Inspiring 

Hilarious stories weaved with inspiring messages will leave your audience wanting more! 


Five Reasons Why Christian is DIFFERENT.