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How The Process Works

Get In Touch

Reach out and get in touch with our team. We will respond and confirm Christian's availability for your desired date. During this process we will connect and learn more about your needs and goals and confirm if its a good "fit" for our services. While we are nailing down the specifics, we will tentatively hold the date you have requested.

Book Your Date 

To guarantee a date on Christian's calendar, a non-refundable 50% deposit of his consultation fee is required. During this time we will iron out details, and address any questions you may have. With the date set, we ask for any relevant files beforehand so Christian can become familiarized with your organization and goals. 


Christian will meet with you or others on your team (either in person or over the phone) for a deep dive discussion about your organization, goals, market, obstacles, and strategic aims. With this important insight, Christian will then tailor a customized approach for your company brand and needs.

Interactive Development 

Whether you want in-person training, marketing support, pipeline recommendations, or other services, Christian will work with your team to create the solution you need. Drawing upon the critical information gained in the consultation, Christian will create a personalized strategy to get you from here to there.

Transformational Results 

Whether you just need a one time fix, or if you want to work with Christian for an extended period of time, you can be sure that your marketing and branding will become much sharper, results driven, and profit focused. You and your brand will bypass the brains defenses, rise above the noise, and stand out from the crowd with the Influence Mindset!




"Christian completely changed our pitch. I struggled to frame what we stood for, and Christian helped me capture our message in ways I never knew possible."

— Darren

Marketing Executive


"Christian transformed our approach and sharpened our website. He helped us realize our message was just like everyone else, and his expertise made all the difference."

— Gary


Five Reasons Why Christian Is DIFFERENT