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Personal Influence Masterclass

Course Details:

  • Personal Influence Masterclass: How To Create Lasting Change and Master Your Personal Influence
  • 1 class per week, for 8 weeks. 30-45 minutes of training plus Q/A, and opportunities for individualized coaching
  • Starting 12:30 PT Monday June 5th, and continuing each Monday for 8 weeks 
  • $250 per participant
  • You will have access to the LIVE sessions over Zoom. They will be recorded for you to access them again and again


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It's Time For A Personal Reset.

In this exclusive training you will learn:

1. How to connect with people quickly and easily (even if you may feel nervous!)

2. How to ask more powerful and welcoming questions that disarm people

3. The single greatest mistake in story telling (that everyone makes) and how to avoid it

4. The secret to masterful listening skills, and how to make others feel connection with you

5. Proven words and phrases designed to bypass the brain's defenses...

6. How to transform your mindset and wipeout limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

...and TONS MORE!


What You Are About To Get:

Dynamic Worksheets Designed to Help You Create Change Within Yourself

Weekly (LIVE) Group Zoom Sessions That Focus on Support and Implementation

Bottom Line: All The Tools You Need

To Influence More Effectively

Based On The #1 Bestseller:


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Learn the Art & Science of Getting People to Choose YOU. 

Relying on the concepts and groundbreaking research in his #1 Bestselling book, The Influence Mindset, Christian will guide you step by step on how to rise above the noise and influence people to choose you.

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Personal Influence Masterclass

Client Testimonials


-Consultant & Business Owner

“This completely changed how I work with my clients and new leads”


-Consultant &  Business Owner

“I can feel such a difference in how I USED to try to connect with people, and how I serve them today.”


-LifeWave Consultant &  Business Owner

“This isn’t just helping my business, this is changing my life!”


-LifeWave Consultant and Business Owner

"This content has been amazing and will take my team to the next level" 

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