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With the [FREE] Personal Positioning Worksheet you will learn a proven technique that will sharpen your personal brand message, and influence key Decision Makers to choose you.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, rise above the noise, and get important people to pay attention to your value... this worksheet will get you there.

I Want To Sharpen My Message

What This Worksheet Will Help You Do:

Clarify Your Value

Learn how to simplify your value in a way that anyone can quickly and easily understand why YOU are the person to choose. Learn how to show you are 50x more valuable than everyone else.

Sharpen Your Message 

People are busy, and you need to capture attention fast. This worksheet will help you speak in terms that are guaranteed to improve your chances for influence.

Rise Above The Noise 

In order to stand out, your message needs to be different from everyone else. Using this technique, you will masterfully communicate why YOUR value matters.

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